January    2011
No seed ever sees the flower


Wishing Happy New Year to all, without exception - everyone. Being selective in wishing , is a mean human trait. Everyone in this planet are related to us and we are connected to everyone.

Words, they have the guns and roses effect . You may choose the way you want. Now wishing someone loads of peace and prosperity on the occasion of New Year, in many ways, could have the 'adrenaline effect' in words. A kind of ' hope injection'. And we mortals need it, however strong willed we may appear to be.

Interestingly no one is ever accomplished. The journey of achievement is unending. You may have matured materialistically, a very subject term in every sense. Yet, let us assume, someone achieved it. Very naturally, he turns spiritual. Here again the journey continues. Accomplishment becomes the target, here too.

In an unending journey, hope becomes the cheering guide.

The New Year is young. We, at least many of us, may have set a crowded agenda for the year. Health, Wealth, moving to a new apartment etc. All are priorities and too many of them.

We suggest absolute realism in every aspect. This will ground you well to target the pressing ones - and achieving it.

Above all, live the year well.



UN economists in December noted that the world economy would continue to register uneven patterns of trade performance, as fiscal and monetary policies are altered to suit their specific conditions. Average growth levels projected at around 3.5 per cent. Observations were a bit pessimistic on developments for 2011 and 2012, indicating that chances were it might slow down slightly than the 2010 levels.

Oil prices breached the USD 90 Per barrel for the first time since recession hit the world economy. Indications clear that a USD 100 per barrel mark is not far away. The oil market appears well supplied as many Opec members are against any further increase in supply and most targeting a USD 100 level in the near future.

The year saw gains in all sectors despite the snail pace growth in many economies. However the overall consolidation of world markets were far better and defied bear forecasts. All major commodities including base metals recorded high price yields, despite weakened consumer markets. An unusual trend in all means.

The Chinese government was compelled to increase interest rates following high liquidity levels. Though for certain the move would impact the local market, the greater aim is to tame the inflation. Food prices across the world witnessed high increases, that included most developing economies.

Factory output reports from Europe confirmed increases in production during the last quarter of 2010, through the union's growth impetus were fractured and largely polarized to a few member countries.

Confidence in the middle east economies grew stronger as large investment projects were pronounced in various trade exhibitions and meets. Thanks to increasing oil prices, that aids sustained public spending.

Stock markets across the world gained to close the trading year at high notes.


The infamous Somali piracy trade continues unabated, adding three vessels to the booty in December.

China continued to be the major market for bulk carriers, a respite for the industry right through 2010. In tandem, the ore-coal imports by India is expected to get a boost as the economy keeps expanding. NYK recently reported of tripling its cape size fleet to serve the Indian markets. The coal market alone is projected to grow to about 200 Million Tonnes per year by 2015.

Container sector steadied space utility though yields dropped considerably. To a great extent, it was a flat second quarter for all major carriers. Despite tones to introduce rate increases, most carriers were skeptical of the results from a move. Holding to the rates was mostly the order of the day in marketing strategies. This trend expected to continue through the first quarter of 2011.

Airlines reported substantial increase in the traffic for both passenger and cargo sector with economies doing better, particularly during the second half of the year. IATA in its statement gave a promising outlook for the Airline industry for 2011. This has accentuated investor interests into the industry, a move that will give decisive expansion and consolidative strength for long term growth.

Ports rebounded with increased tonnage handling in all major terminals. A clear sign of changing times. The Port of Singapore reported a 9.9 per cent increase in growth against 2009 figures, a trend that will be followed in reports to be announced from other ports shortly.

The History of Time keeping

Ancients followed the movements of sun to track time. And they were simple devises that did the job, almost accurately. To name a few, they were the sun dial, time jar and the like. These were however not portable and had its many limitations.

Even when watches were invented, they were for the nobles. The first pocket watch was invented in the 1500s by Peter Henlein, in Germany. It look almost the whole century to miniature the concept so as to be adorned on the wrist. The first wrist watch was brought out by Patek Phillipe in 1868, a novel concept gaining rapid momentum in the time keeping industry.

Some reports indicate that 2000 wrist watches were made for German naval offers at the behest of Wilhelm 1 of German royalty. It was much later that civilians got their wrists ornamented with watches. Women were the first ones to wear wrist watches during the early 20th century.

The first men's wrist watch concept was known as Santos wrist watch, named after the Brazilian aviator Alberto Santos Dumont. The first sale of wrist watch was recorded as 1911. Many followed the trend, marking the necessity for wrist watches in everyday life.

Late sixties and seventies witnessed massive development and commericalisation of wrist watches. Quartz and electronic watches brought with it not only accuracy but cost effectiveness. So much so that they were found on the wayside street vendors in all major markets. A trend that continues even today.

Modern Trends

Affordability and range further expanded the wrist watch industry. Today, an average individual possesses more than one watch. Many having four to five watches to match his or her clothings.

The market of Look alikes

The market of look-alikes are equally flourishing. Designer and luxury brands are imitated and sold in thousands all over the world. Takers are many, when these meticulously crafted pieces does the status job at a fraction of the price of their originals.

With technical know-how getting transparent, this segment of the industry will continue to thrive, until the prohibitive pricing continues for the high end branded watches.

January Highlights

The Time Keepers

Business expositions in January  

                  Events in January

 World Religion Day
16 January 2011     


20 January - 20 February 2011

The regions'  unique shopping concept

  Republic Day of India -31 January, 2011

     Celebrity & Famous Birthdays in January

Richard Dixon - 09 January, 1913
Former President of USA

Muhammad Ali - 17 January 1942
Boxing Legend

Subash Chandra Bose - 23 January, 1897
Indian Freedom movement Icon



Powerful Surya Namaskar
(Salutation to Sun - The Universal Powerhouse)

Since ancient times Indians worshipped the Sun ( Solar Energy) and this exercise form is an extension of fitness regime followed by the people. Surya Namaskar benefits skeletal, muscular and ligament flexibility, making them supple for any kind of involuntary movements. 


Business events in Dubai- January 2011

Arabplast & Tekno Exhibition
8-11 JANUARY 2011
Intersec Exhibition
16-18 JANUARY 2011
Sign & Graphic Imaging Exhibition
24-26 JANUARY 2011
Arab Health Exhibition
24 - 27 JANUARY 2011


Unique Monuments

           Konark Sun Temple- Orissa , India

Built around 13th Century AD, by King Narasimhadeva, commemorating his victory against invaders. Dedicated to Sun God, the temple is a masterpiece of sculpture and art and visited by tourists from around the world.

The temple is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list.


Unique Monuments

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