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Region Ports

Port Rashid - United Arab Emirates

Location: 25 deg 12 N /  055 deg 14 E

Loadline: Zone: Tropical, Time Zone : GMT + 4

Pre-requisites:Vessel to notify arrival ETA  atleast  48 hours with the Harbour Master, Control Tower and Operations department if arriving for cargo operations.

Crew List  - 5 copies
Passengers List – for passenger vessels only
Last Port Clearance
Ships Registry
Other Ship’s Certificates
Classification records
Cargo Manifests

Health regulations:Pratique can be applied for by radio on arrival or notified by telex on departure from the last port

Seaboys, fairways and channels: Port Rashid has no approach channel, but entry should be made between the breakwaters from the North. Pilotage is compulsory.

Anchorage: Anchorage is 3 nautical miles from the terminal. A restricted number of vessels can anchor within the breakwater with permission from the Harbour Master, vessel size determines such anchorage option. Tidal Range upto 1.5 metres.

Charts : BA 3714, 3711, 3411, 3144

Weather  Restrictions: All  season port

Berths: Total 35 berths for general cargo, bulk and containers with draft varying between 9.5 m to 12. 5 m

Container berths: Berth Nos. 31,32 – 225 Metres,33 to 35 - 300 Metres. Port is equipped  with the state-of-the-art  cargo handling and operational gears for efficient handling of all types of cargo.  The twin ports of Port Rashid and Port Jebel Ali under the Dubai Ports Authority is linked by a   8 lane highway covering a distance of 35 Km.

Tanker Berths: Port Rashid  Oil Jetty  is situated on the main breakwater 260m N of the control tower. It accommodates tankers upto 230 meters in Length, Depth alongside is 11.3 meters.

Ro-Ro berths: Ro-Ro ramps are situated on berths 15, 16, 17  and berths no. 35

Passenger / Cruise Berths: There is no specific berth, but would be allocated upon request. Repairs are available and there is excellent dry dock facility. Essential and modern amenities are available round the clock

Medical facilities: Government and Private hospitals are available within the city limits.

Airport: Dubai International Airport is just at a 10 Km distance from the Port. All Major carriers operators to every known destination in the world., making crew change, emergency travel very convenient.

Port Jebel Ali, Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Anchorage: 25 deg 11’ 20” North , 54 degrees 49’ 45” East 25 deg 08’ 20” North,
54 degrees  53’ 12” East
25 deg 05’ 18” North , 54 degrees 49’ 45” East
25 deg 08’ 20” North, 54 degrees 46’ 12” East
Extra cable length recommended  at Jebel ali in view relatively anchorage bed instability.
There is  a warning of entrenched pipeline East of the Channel. This line comes ashore in position 25 deg 01” N, 55 deg 04” 30” E.  From this position it lies in a direction of 345 deg for approx. 10 miles, further assuming a direction of 313 degrees  towards the “ Fateh Field” i.e., it I sifrom 2 to 5 miles east of the buoyed entrance channel. Other untrenched pipelines are laid on the sea bed are aclearly marked on the Admiralty Charts of the area. Ships should not anchor near this or other pipelines, nor should they approach the area with anchored walked back or trailed.

Charts: BA 2889, 3738, admiralty Pilot NP 63

Location: A fully evolved transhipment hub of the middle east and an all purpose port is by and far considered one of  the most modern ports in the world. The Port is also home to a major free trade zone viz., Jebel Ali Free Zone. The ports offers to handle complex shipping functions  including Transhipment facilities and storage for local  / regional distribution.  

Loadline Zone: Tropical, Max size of vessels VLCC and ULCC , Time Zone : GMT  + 4

Pre-arrival information:  Atleast 48 hours notice of arrival to be given to the Harbour Master and Operations department ( if call is for cargo operations).  Essential details such as vessel identity, Registry details, Name of Master, GRT/ NRT, draft on arrival, cargo details ( discharge and load ) , pilot boarding facilities , number of crew etc., to be notified to the control tower prior to arrival.

Classification details
Ships’ certificates
Stowage Plan
Dangerous / Hazardous goods details
Passenger List ( if passenger vessel)
Last Port Clearance
Cargo loading approval ( agents’ care)

Health regulations: Free Pratique to be applied for and obtained by radio or telex.. Deratting  certificate is required.

Pilotage : Compulsory for all vessels

Berths : Commissioned , up to berth No.70, draft ranging from 10.5 m to 14 m. Berths are specifically allocated for different operations viz., bulk, containerized cargo work, general cargo etc.

Lay by. Short period Lay by and Lay up berths are available.
Ship supplies are available round the clock.

Medical facilities :  Government and private hospitals are within close proximity of the Dubai ports, including Jebel ali.

Airport : Dubai International Airport is just at 45 Km distance from the Port. All Major carriers operators to every known destination in the world., making crew change, emergency travel very convenient.

Port Abu Dhabi,  United Arab Emirates

Location: Mina Zayed as known officially is also known as  Abu Dhabi,  positioned  centrally on the Gulf coast of the UAE.  Fairway buoy – 24 deg 34.1’ North / 054 degress 19.8’ E

Loadline  Zone  : Tropical

Time Zone: GMT + 4

Arrival Pre-requisites:
Vessels to tender ETA by cable through Muscat or Bahrain Radio to Harbour Master, Mina Zayed atleast 72 hours prior arrival at Abu Dhabi. 

Crew List,
Stores List,
Passengers List ( for Passenger vessels )
Health Certificate
Registry and other certificates
Cargo Manifest
Stowage Plan
Customs approval for export cargoes

Health Regulations: Port Health officer will board the vessel on berthing and Maritime Health declaration to be completed and handed over

Navigation: The approach channel iks about 250 Metres wide, the channel is marked with buoys and has a depth of 9.5 m. Tidal range, max is 2.04, and min 0.09m

Charts required: BA 3752, 3715, 3713. Admiralty Pilot NP 63

Berths : 21 berths are offered to the trade. , of which  1 to 9 and 14 to 19 are at  13 m draft. Berths 10, 11, 12, 13 are at shallow draft with a maximum of 6.0 m. Container terminal has 4 berths a  total length  of 800 m.

Other facilities : Fresh water, bunkers , stores , medical facilities etc available round the clock. Proximity to city very close. Abu Dhabi International Airport is at a distance of about 35 kms.

Free Zone: Saadiyat Free Trade Zone situated on the Saadiyat Island is rapidly gaining importance in the world commodity markets. More details to follow on this project.

Port Ajman , United Arab Emirates

Location: Gulf coast of UAE with close proximity to Sharjah at about 4 nautical miles.
Operations restricted to light vessels.

Loadline Zone : Tropical

Time Zone: GMT + 4

Max. Size: Max..20,000 dwt

Draft : 8 m

Navigation. : Sea buoys, fairways and channels: Ajman is entered between 2 training walls, curving North from the coastline., the entrance channel ha sbeen dredged to 7.2m

Pilot: Available

Anchorage: Offshore anchorage is not desired in view of ridges of sand, shell and coral deposits. Drafts in these areas are far lower and irregular.

Tidal range and flow: Range 1.5m

Dock Density: 1020

Navigational aids: A light is exhibited at the head of  each training wall

Charts: BA 3410, 3412. Admiralty Pilot NP 63.

Navigational Support: Tugs

Port Infrastructure:  12 berths are available . Total quay length: 5200 metres. Maximum draft alongside: 8 m. Ro-Ro, Lift on Lift off vessels can be handled apart from general cargo and container vessels. Shore gear used mostly for operations apart from ship’s gear.Sufficient open area and covered areas available for storage

Facilities: Bunker , fresh water, ship’s stores available and mostly supplied from mobile tankers from the shore side. Medical facilities at the city close to the port, besides from neighbouring Sharjah city.

Port Umm Ql Quwain - UnitedArab Emirates

Location:  Port is officially known as  Ahmed Bin Rashid Port. It adjoins a Free Zone and is located on the West Coast of United Arab Emirates . Proximity from Dubai, Umm Al Quwain is at about 40 Kms  North East from Dubai City.

Geographical position: 25.35N, 55.35E(BA Chart 3410). Approx. 25 Km North of Sharjah.

Navigational Support: Pilotage available for all crafts

Navigational Restrictions:  Max Draft at Channel 10 Metres., with width at 100 Metres. Tidal range: + 0.2 M to  + 1.7 Metres.

Loadline : Tropical

Time Zone : GMT + 4

Port Facilities:4 Wharves  at about 900 Metres of Quay cover encompassing approx 400,000 square metres. The entrance channel has a draft of 10 metres at 100 Metres width increasing to 160 metres at the northern end of Wharf No.4 and connects to a turning circle of 500 metres diameter at the Southern end of the Wharf No. 3. Channels are dredged to retain the minimum draft of 10 metres at all times. Standard Piles and Beacons are installed as per standards. The lower wharf or Town Wharf provides a quay length of 800 metres.  This Wharf is mainly used for shall vessels where the maximum draft  is only at 4 metres.

Capacity of vessels

General cargo vessels:Upto 17,000 dwt at 9.8 m / L 173 m
Container Vessels: Upto 16,900 dwt at 9.8 m / L  200 m Passenger vessels: 30,000 Gross tons at 9.5 m / L  210 m
Tankers: 20,000 dwt , at 9.5 m  / L 164 m
Ore Carrier :  25,000 dwt at  9.8 m / L 176 m

Town Wharf ( Low Wharf): General cargo vessels; Upto 700 dwt at 3.6m / L 52 m
General cargo vessesl: Upto 1000 dwt at 4.1 m / L 60 mPassenger vessel: 500 gross tons at 4.0 m / L 50 m
Tanker : 700 dwt at 3.8 m / L 54 m
Tanker : 1000 dwt at 4.2 m / L 61 m

Berthing conditions:
Main Wharves
Wharf 1 : 130 m long  at 5.5m draft
Wharf 2 : 115 m long at 7.5m draft
Wharf 3: 200 m long at 9.5 m draft
Wharf 4: 400 m long at 10.0 m draft

Each Wharf is separated by a 30 meter wide concrete wall hence the draft variance as indicated above.

Port Ras Al Khaimah - United Arab Emirates

Location: Ras Al Khaimah Port is officially known as Mina Saqr. Located on the Gulf Coast of UAE , is approximately 40 Km North of Emirates of Ras Al Khaimah and close to Strait of Hormuz at 25 deg 58 N / 56 deg 03 E.

Loadline Zone: Tropical, Time Zone: Gmt  + 4

Arrival Pre-requisite: 24 hours advance notice

Documentation: Standard ship’s documents  / Manifest  / Bills of Lading  / Export approval from local customs

Health regulations: Free pratique has to be applied by the vessel.

Navigation: Sea buoys, fairways and channel: Port is bounded by a main and Lee Breakwater, no hazards, no sandbars. Approach buoy is in a position at 26 deg 00 N / 56 deg 02.40’ E is a red and white pillar body.

Pilotage:  Pilotage is available round the clock and is compulsory.

Tidal Range and flow: Max at 2.3 metres

General Cargo / Bulk berths: The port comprises eight deep water berths, edach length 200 m with depth alongside of 12.2 m

Bulk cargo facilities: Two berths available for discharge of raw materials for cement industry.

Container / Ro – Ro : Berths 1 , 2 , 3  , 4 for container vessels. Operations are carried out using port gear. Weight restriction at 35 tons per load unit.

Storage Facilities: All types of cargo can be stored including reefer cargoes.

Facilities: All marine services can be contracted. Port is supported with supply of essentials viz., fresh water, bunker and medical facilities available at relatively close proximity.

Trade and Industry:  Trade wise, the Emirates of Ras Al Khaimah is a captive market with a small population  supported by imports at Dubai ports, being a trading hub. However the port is known for bulk cargo movements viz., Aggregates, rock , cement, limestone, clinkers, livestock and other raw materials. A fishing harbour is also situated  at close proximity.

Port Khorfakkan - United Arab Emirates

Location: Khorfakkan Port is situated on the North Eastern side of the United Arab Emirates on the Gulf of Oman. The port comes  under Sharjah Ports Authority.

25 deg 21.0N / 056 deg 22.0 E.

Loadline  Zone: Tropical

Time Zone : GMT + 4

Arrival Pre-requisites: While specific time limit is not indicated for pre-arrival notification, it is recommended to to have a 24 hour arrival notice served to the control tower, harbour master and port operations department for smooth handling of the vessel and ensure vessel support services are put in place.

Vessel name, Flag, Cargo details and arrival draft are  the basic informations that need  to be transmitted to the departments.

Documentation: Ships registry and other standard documents.
Last Port Clearance   /  Crew List  /   CDCs   /  Cargo Manifest   /  Cargo stowage plan List of Hazardous / Dangerous cargo

Health Regulation: Free Pratique to be applied for on arrival

Navigation:  Pilot compulsory for all crafts above 150 mt.   Charts: BA 3521, Admiralty Pilot NP 63

Tidal Range and flow: Neaps 1.30m, Springs: 2.50 m

Berths : 2 berths with a depth of 12.5 m.  Additional berth: 280 m

Port Gears: Pre-dominantly known for container operations, the port is equipped with state-of-the-art  post panamax gantry cranes with matching support at marshalling yard and storage areas.

Berth details:  Length 1060 metres. Storage areas 270,000 sq. mtrs. 2 Nos. Super Post Panamax Gantry cranes of  50 mtrs outreach and 50 tons lifting capacity. 2 nos .libherr P 148 L gantry crane of 45 metres outreach and 40 tons lifting, 2 Nos Mitsubishi ( Gantry) of 36 metres outreach and 36 tons , 2 Nos Broomse ( Gantry) of 37 metres outreach and 35 tons capacity are engaged in ship-shore container operations.

Depth of channel: Consistently at a minimum of 15 metres

Depth Alongside:  B.No.1 – 15 Metres, B.No.2, 3, 4 – 12 metres

Approach  fairbay buoy: 25 ,  22.7 N ; 22.7 E, Red and White vertical strips Isophase every 10 seconds.

Weather:  Occasional East to Southernly winds with squalls of upto 40 Knots experienced.

Tides: Max Ht. Of H.W  3.1 Metres, Min Ht. Of L.W 0.1 Metre , Range : 30 Metres.

LOA: Not restricted. Pilotage compulsory radio frequencies VHF Ch. 6, 12, 13, 16 and 67

Towage: 2 tons of 2400 and 2700 HP

Facilities: Bunkers, Fresh Water always made available. Being a small township, advance notice for ship supplies desired.

Support Services: Services for Crew change, offshore marine support services etc can be arranged. A string of operators are on hand for any type of requirements available. Flexible operational conditions adds to the advantage.

Distance to main city: about 120 kms from the port to the city of Sharjah and about 140 Kms to the City of Dubai for wider  requirements of specialist services viz., Health and onward Air connections.

Port Fujairah - United Arab Emirates

Location: East Coast of UAE.25deg 10.0N / 056 deg 21.0E

Loadline Zone : Tropical

Time Zone : GMT +  4

Max draft : 12. 5 metress

Arrival Pre-requisite:  Notify Port Control Tower, Harbour master, Port operations prior to arrival  

Vessels details, Flag, Draft and cargo work to be advised.

Documentation: Ship’s registry & other Certificates /  Last Port Clearance  / Crew List   /   CDCs  /  Cargo Manifest  /  Classification Certificates  /  Oil Pollution Certificates  / Deratting Certificate

Health Requirements : Pratique on arrival

Navigation: Sea Buoys, Fairways and channels, Pilot compulsory for all vessels

Berths: Port offers Berths for Container and general cargo.

Drafts : Berth 1 = 10 M,  Berths 2 , 3  and  4 12 M.    

DWT restrictions: 50,000 Tons

Shallow draft berth: For smaller operations at 6.5m maximum draft – max  quay length: 250m

Fujairah Jetty: 6.5 m draft.  Quay Length : 150 m  catering to main bulk exports of Aggregates  and Quarry.

Facilities : Bunkering, Fresh Water, Ship’s stores and general services available. City is at a proximate distance from the port and medical / leisure facilities available

Port Sharjah- United Arab Emirates

Location: Situated 10 KM NE of Dubai - 25 deg 22'ON/ 55 deg 22.0E

Loadline Zone: Tropical, Time Zone: GMT+4

Requirements:Ship / Agents to advise with pre-arrival information. The arriving vessel should notify the control tower, agent and the Harbour Master with ETA at the earliest. Details to be included in the advises are complete vessel particulars, arrival draft and cargo details. This function however normally undertaken by the agents.

Documentation: Certificates of ship's registry, last port clearance, crew list (5 copies), CDCs, Cargo Manifest and Cargo Stowage Plan.

Health regulations: Pratique to be applied for on arrival

Technical details: The approach to Port Khalid is marked by light buoys and is dredged to 10.3M. Pilotage is compulsory and available round the clock. Vessels are advised to wait for pilots to seaward of the fairway buoy. The buoy here is a spherical one, red and white vertically striped, flashing white every 6 seconds at 25 deg 22'N/55 deg 20E. Tidal range 1.2 - 1.5 metres. Charts required BA 3410, 3412. Admiralty pilot NP 63. Tugs are available and are fitted with fire fighting equipment.

Berths: Berth Nos. 3,4,5 and 6 - Total 725m, 8.5 to 9.5m at MLLW
Berth Nos. 8,9, 10 and 11, total 775m, 8.5 to 9.5m at MLLW
Silos also available
Container Berths: Nos. 1, 1A and 2-568M. Berth No.1A 11.5M at MLLW
Berth Nos: 1 and 2, 10.5 at MLLW
Tanker Berths: Oil Terminal to accommodate tankers of upto 60,000 dwt with a draft of not exceeding 10.5 m.
Ro-Ro Berths: Berth No.7 - 220 m, 9.5 at MLLW

Cargo storage: 12 warehouse available each measuring 115 x 40 m

Vessel support services: Bunkers / Water / Storage made available round the clock. For prompt services, prior notification can avoid even minimal delays.

Contingency support: Modern Hospitals within 8 Km reach from the port.

General: The City of Sharjah is known as the cultural capital of the Islam World. The architecture of the buildings reflects the character of the city. The city dots many shopping centers for the visitors and is a host for residents from several countries.